The topic is pretty hot as much as you can google it and find discussions and reviews. This is a book wrote by Presnyakov Brothers, Russia. It is shown in Moscow theater, you can find movie in a DVD (director Kirill Serebrennikov).

However, I wanted to discuss not the movie, produced by Kirill Serebrennikov, but performance, directed by Oskaras Koršunovas “Vaidinant auką” (En: ”Playing the victim“, Ru: (original): “Изображая жертву”), Lithuania. This one is not so popular and not many people heard of it (most likely Lithuanians and in N.Novgorod, Russia), but still Oskaras vision of nowadays popular play is presented in much more effective way. Watching the movie after the O. Koršunovas performance is a waste of time, because you get allmost nothing…

Moreover, O. Koršunovas shows another presentation of realationship between parents and children. And he takes us to our childhood, when we where taught what we should do and what is wrong. So, while mother is saying to his son:

“Do ‘this’, dont’t do ‘that’. Now you are warn…”.

The answer comes:

“… and secured.”

But how?!

A lot of questions appears without answers. What can do a young man to get control of his life and get freedom?

O.Korsunovas, Vaidint auka

Lastly, the soundtrack from the movie wasn’t even a bit exciting, whereas composer’s Gintaras Sodeika’s music was taking controll of audience in the theater… Try it yourseft and feel the real passion of trully-russian ‘balads’ (“Legko”), then come to see the performance “Vaidinant auką” and get all the excitment!

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“We live only one life”, – A.Svirskas told on todays lecture of SOA. Our life is short and the goals should be high, that it would be worth to live it, not to exist.

Interesting thing happend… not long ago I was in theater watching O. KoršunovasA path to Damascus“. The story tells about a man, who’s childhood was full of awfull things… Later on, he becomes a known writer, has children, divorces and at last he meets a woman of his life. They are in love with each other and all those bad things are gone. But his past it starting to come over and he leaves her alone. After some time he returns to her mother to get rid of his past and to get an excuse… This path is a path to Damascus.


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